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mass * acceleration
potential energy is?
formula for kinetic energy?
coefficient of friction?
change in momentum over time is?
does torque increase as radius increases?
centripetal acceleration equation?
power is what over time?
work equals?
Whose law is E*A?
What has both size and direction?
Does change in kinetic energy depend on the path a ball falls?
An object is at rest on a table. What is the normal force on it?
What type of force is gravity?
Most everyday collisions are?
A figure skater pulls her arms and legs in towards her body. What happens to her angular velocity?
A uniform shell (of matter) exerts _ net force on a particle located inside it?
A ball is thrown. Its acceleration in the horizontal direction is?
Take the integral of the __________ equation to find distance traveled?
An 18 wheeler and a Honda Fit collide. Which exerts the greater force?
At the top of a ball's parabolic motion, the velocity in the vertical direction is?

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