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Brother, who is pretending to be a pirate, helps the villain, who is pretending to be the king, abduct his sister.
King pretends to be somebody else, Alexander the Great is a major player.
The king is dead. No he's not! Well, maybe he is... Nope, not dead.
Girl pretends to be a boy, is saved from a duel by her bosom.
Title character's son was such a nice boy. Who'd have thought he'd set fire to Rome in later life?
Roman General and Roman Emperor love girl. Nearly everyone wishes they were dead at some point in this romantic comedy.
Loads of Romans in Egypt, Shakespeare wrote about some of them.
Loads of Romans in Egypt. None of them is Caesar.
Title character goes crazy, the bass will solve everything with magic!
Moral of the story: don't keep all your magical powers in the same urn.
Recycling isn't just for #2 bottles, most of this opera's is reused.
They speak Italian in Scotland?
Almost everyone is in chains at some point. Lots of mythical borrowing.
Boy is engaged, boy meets different girl. Girl is the daughter of boy's political prisoner.
Heavily rewritten, boy meets girl, she's married. Solution? Invade her husband's father's kingdom.
Boy meets girl, ogre meets girl, ogre clobbers boy, boy becomes a fountain
Boy meets girl, boy is god, boy's wife tricks girl, girl catches fire.
Love quadrangle? Check. Sorcery? Check. Literal deus ex machina? Check check.
Extramarital sex is important to the plot. No one is a god.
Boy meets tree

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