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tribe that lives in red rock canyon
where do the Boomers live?
where are the boomers from?
who is in charge of new vegas
what is the job of the main character before he gets shot
what are the names of the two snipers in the novac
what is the name of the man who shot you
what soceity is cannabilistic
what does ncr stand for
who's ceasar
what is the lady in the water
who's mr.h
what kind of gun do you start out with in the game
where is the bison and steve hotel located
what casino is located
what's the name of the robot that dug you up?
where can you tune into radio new vegas
who give's you your pip-boy
what town do you wake up in
who's in charge of sloan
what resides in quarry junction
what faction is the ncr's rival
what happened to nipton
how do you get the pimp boy
what's the town with the big dinosaur called?

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