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Character DescriptionCharacterMovie Year
Bruce Willis is a boxer who helps his former promoter after him being raped1994
Robert De Niro is a vigilante who has a mohawk and talks to himself1976
Morgan Freeman is innocent but is kept in prison for a life sentence until he proclaims that he doesn't 'give a damn' anymore1994
Robert Downey Jr is a famous super hero2008
Michael J Fox time travels 1985
Marlon Brando makes an offer they can't refuse1972
Liam Neeson is a Jedi Master1999
Matthew McConaughey goes through a wormhole to save planet Earth and reunite with his daughter2014
Tom Hanks is an autistic runner who meets many famous people1994
Hugh Jackman is a mutant with claws and can quickly heal his wounds2000
Al Pacino snorts cocaine and shoots guns1983
Denzel Washington is a football coach 2000
Christian Bale is a dark winged crusader2005
Leonardo DiCaprio has a quaalude trip with his buddy and has sex a lot with his wife2013
Jim Carrey is a schizo who has 2 alternate personalities and marries a girl on the run2000
Shia LaBeouf buys a car that is 'more than meets the eyes'2007
Ray Liotta does a lot of cocaine and thinks Joe Pesci is funny1990
Brad Pitt is the alter ego of the narrator of the movie1999
Kevin Costner hears and sees dead baseball players1989
Jeff Bridges is offered oral pleasure for $10001998
Character DescriptionCharacterMovie Year
Keanu Reeves is the one1999
Steve Buscemi is a hitman who is murdered by a woodchipper1996
Steve Buscemi is part of a heist and gets away with the diamonds1992
Robert De Niro is a stiff father in law who keeps an eye on his daughter's husband strategically 2000
Michael Cera has to defeat his potential girlfriend's evil ex's 2010
Alan Rickman is a mysterious professor at a school of magic2001
Marl Ruffalo gets green when he's angry2012
Tom Hanks is a cowboy1995
Bruce Willis is a badass who saves his wife on Christmas1988
Daniel Radcliffe finds out he is a wizard2001
Brad Pitt wants 100 Nazi scalps from each of his men2009
Ralph Fiennes is a villain who splits his soul into 7 parts and is killed in the end2011
Matthew Broderick is a son who is blamed for his father's death and ends up killing his uncle for blaming him1994
Steve Buscemi is a skeeving villain who kidnaps a little girl and can blend in seemlessly2001
Alan Rickman is the russian who kidnaps a wife on Christmas1988
Ralph Fiennes is a concierge who is blamed for the murder of his late lover2014
John Heder is a geek who wants his school to vote for his friend for class president2004
Tim Roth is an undercover cop who is part of a heist 1992
Ben Stiller is a male model2001
Tom Hanks is an AIDS patient who is gay1993

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