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BeginningEndingSaid By
'No thanks, I'm...Jim & Michael
'My mother's...Pam & Michael
'Wow that is really...Jim & Michael
'You really think you can...Jim & Michael
'Well you always left me...Jim & Michael
'Why did you get it so...Kevin & Michael
'Does the skin look...Doctor & Dwight
'You already...Angela & Michael
'At least we put this matter to...Michael
'I can't stay on...'Jan
'I want you to think about it...Michael & Dwight
'Lets just blow this...Jan & Michael
'Why is this so...Jan
'I need two men...Michael
'Can you make that...Michael
'And up comes the...Michael
'I say things like that to lighten the tension when things...Michael & Jim
BeginningEndingSaid By
'And you were directly...Lawyer & Michael
'You're hardly my...Jan & Michael
'Force it in...Dwight & Michael
'It was easy to get in but impossible to...Holly & Michael
'They taste so good...Michael & Stanley
'It squeaks when you...Michael
'Don't make it harder than it...Holly & Michael
'Dwight, get out of my...Kelly & Pam
'Oscar would you reach over and touch his...Michael [thats what HE said]
'Alright Dwight. This is...David Wallace & Dwight
'So instead you...Jim & Michael
'You need to get back on...Darryl & Michael
'Your office is full of...Oscar & Michael [thats what HE said,espanol]
'Yes. Come on! Get it...Michael
'Dip it in the water so it will slide down your...Michael & Everyone

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