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QUIZ: Can you name the following facts about Fordham University?

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Original name
Main campus
Date of founding
Borough of main campus
Largest college
Manhattan campus
Football field
Baseball field
Current president
School colors
Largest quad
Second-largest quad
Famous pro football coach who attended
Main library
Building that was never supposed to be built
What students have to ride before they graduate
Famous actor who attended; played lead role in 'Remember the Titans'
Place students are always trying to sneak into
Spring Weekend dance
Where crew rows from
Radio station
The most recent film shot on campus
Old Medical School building
Student center
Recent business school donor
Country the church windows are from
Oldest residential college on campus
Student-run coffee house
Famous Dodgers sportscaster who attended
This band played on campus in 2009
Name of street with all the Italian food
Where the golf team plays
Location of campus in the UK
Nobel Prize-winning professor from 1938 to 1956
Baseball Hall of Fame member who attended
Approx. number of applicants in 2011

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