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Can you name the Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) Bosses?

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Location FoughtBossOther Info
Colony 9Activated in response to the Mechon Invasion
Colony 9I'LL KILL YOU!
Tephra CaveMonado Shield is obtained here
Bionis' LegTentacle Mechon
Bionis' LegKidnaps Juju
Ether MineYour Host Tonight!
Satorl MarshThe Ancient Ceremony
Makna ForestMonado Purge is obtained here
Makna ForestDinobeast!
High Entia TombTries to kill Melia
High Entia TombTries to kill Melia
Eryth SeaSealed in Prison Island
Prison IslandYou will know the pain and suffering...
Valak MountainGive me the Monado!
Sword ValleyUses two Mass-Produced Faces
Location FoughtBossOther Info
Galahad FortressSave Fiora!
Galahad FortressThe most powerful Mechon ever built
Mechonis FieldThis shot will take you down!
AgnirathaThat voice!
AgnirathaYour blade.. It did not cut deep enough.
Agnirathaunwinnable fight
Central FactoryDisables the Monado
Mechonis CoreSave the Bionis!
Mechonis CoreDickson, why?
Junks/Colony 6Protect Colony 6
Colony 6You traitor!
Bionis' InteriorYou will pay for your insolence!
Prison IslandThe student surpasses the teacher
Memory SpaceA world with no gods!

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