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Teenage girl that constantly bullies Meg
Fisherman with wooden legs and arms
Lois's sister who is divorced nine times and later marries Mayor Adam West
The name of Peter's parrot
Peter's biological son and Stewie's archenemy
Peter's boss at the toy factory
Peter's boss at the brewery
Quagmire's sister
Quagmire's sister's boyfriends who is very abusive
Brian's gay cousin
The son of Joe and Bonnie Swanson
The daughter of Joe and Bonnie Swanson
The man who shot and paralyzed Joe
The name of Brian's son
The mother of Brian's son
The name of Meg's real father
Quagmire's dad's name before his sex change
Quagmire's dad's name after his sex change
The name of Peter's Afican American slave ancestor
Peter's metally challenged co-worker
The 'lovable character' Peter created to stop pollution
The name of the giraffe Peter stole from the zoo
The name of Peter's vestigial twin
Quagmire's pyscho girlfriend who kidnaps him and sexual tortures him. She also works at the Apple Store
The name of Brian's mother
Lois' old boyfriend who challenged the Griffin's to race to the top Mt. Everest
The asian dry cleaner who Peter accuses of stealing his shirt
The italian dog that replaced Brain when he died
Peter's psycho prom date who hasn't washed her hand since Peter last touched it
Jerome's daughter that Chris tries to date
The dog the Griffin's had before Brian
Peter's biological father who lives in Ireland
The host of Jolly Farm Revue
The name of Lois's psycho brother who was know for strangling fat guys
The manager of Quahog Mini-Mart who greatly enjoys movies
Stewie's first teddy bear
The name of Quagmire's daughter that he put up for adoption
Quagmire's ex-girlfriend who he has dedicated his life too
The dolphin that stays with the Griffin's for awhile
The robot sea monster that Peter killed for $50,000
The name of the man who built the robot sea monster
The name of the giant chicken
The name of Cleveland's dead ex-wife
Brian's 50 year old ex-girlfriend who breaks her hip during intercourse
Carter's prize winning race dog, who Brian runs away with
The man who was saved by a magic clam & founded Quahog
The former owner & bartender of the Drunken Clam
The name of Jasper's fiancee
The Jewish accountant that helped Peter get his money back from buying volcano insurance
Peter's name when he went undercover for a drug investigation at Meg's School

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