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Hometown of the Griffins
The Street that the Griffins live on
Peter's job when he first met Lois
Peter's first company he worked for
The name of Peter's first boss
The fish Peter killed to collect $50,000 to pay for his house
The name of the company Peter works at
Peter's female boss
The name of Meg's real father
Peter's biological son and Stewie's archenemy
The gay guy who teaches CPR, insrtucts the AA meetings, and mutliple other roles, has an anonymous friend named Jeffery and always seen wearing his brown sleeveless jacket
The owner of Goldman's Pharmacy
The son of Joe and Bonnie Swanson
The daughter of Joe and Bonnie Swanson
The former owner & bartender of the Drunken Clam
The guy who killed the first bartender and later on purchased The Clam
The name of the giant chicken
Stewie's favorite TV Show
Quagmire's ex-girlfriend who he has dedicated his life too
The name of Quagmire's daughter that he put up for adoption
The name of Quagmire's father after his sex change
The dog Peter got when he thought Brain was getting too old
Brian's ex-girlfriend who he is madly in love with
Stewie's stuffed bear
The mayor of Quahog
The Griffin's doctor
Cleveland's first wife
Cleveland's second wife
The man who shot and paralyzed Joe for life
The type of car owned by the Griffin's
The type of car owned by Brian
The italian dog that replaced Brain when he died
The name of the song that Peter leads the Patriots fans in after he scores a touchdown
The manager of Quahog Mini-Mart who greatly enjoys movies
Jerome's daughter that Chris tries to date
Teenage girl that constantly bullies Meg
The high school Chris & Meg attends
Brian's gay cousin
The dog the Griffin's had before Brian
Brian's son who stars in a Disney Channel show
The name of the Korean soap opera Quagmire stared in
The college Brian attended but never graduated
The politician who converted Brian into a hardcore Republican
The animal living in Chris's closet
Mort Goldman's wife
Mort Goldman's son
The father of Lois
The mother of Lois
The father who raised Peter
The mother of Peter
Peter's biological father who lives in Ireland
Fisherman with wooden legs and arms
The name of Brian's novel that dramticly failed
Brian's bestselling novel that he wrote in angry of his failed noval
The name of the porno Lois stared in
Mayor West raises the drinking age to 50 after Peter destroys the local _____.
The male anchor of Quaghog Five News
The female former anchor of Quaghog Five News that later became a mass murder
Asian reporter for Quaghog Five News
Weatherman of the 'Blaccu-Weather Forecast' on Quaghog Five News
The female anchor that replaced the formal murderer anchor
The TV show that Peter lied about Chris dying to the Grant-A-Dream Foundation to get back on air
Peter's weakness that Lois & Carter used to get back Carter's company
The name of Peter's television network
Cleveland's store that he owned before he moved to Virginia was a ____
The name of Peter's vestigial twin
Brian's play that was a local hit
Peter's name when he went undercover for a drug investigation at Meg's School
The name of Peter's deaf co-worker
The name of Lois's psycho brother who was known for strangling fat guys
Peter creates his own religion about this fiction character from the 1970's sitcom 'Happy Days'
The name of Peter's Afican American slave ancestor
Peter sues this restaurant after he has a stroke from eating to many of their hambugers
Lois's sister who is divorced nine times and later marries Mayor Adam West
The state Brian and Stewie travel to to retrieve Rupert
The name of the restaurant the Griffin's open up
The name of the British football team Peter plays for
Peter's legal name
Owner of the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman Emporium
The name of Joe's father

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