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Can you name every player to have featured for the Royals following the record-breaking 106 season?

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Middlesbrough (H) August 2006USA
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006Ireland
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006USA
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006England
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006Iceland
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006South Korea
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006England
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006Scotland
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006England
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006England
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006Senegal
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006England
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006Iceland
Middlesbrough (H) August 2006Ireland
Aston Villa (A) August 2006Ireland
Wigan (A) August 2006Nigeria
Wigan (A) August 2006Wales
Sheffield Utd (A) September 2006England
Darlington (H) September 2006Cameroon
Darlington (H) September 2006Ecuador
Darlington (H) September 2006England
Darlington (H) September 2006Hungary
Darlington (H) September 2006Ireland
Burnley (H) January 2007Australia
Burnley (H) January 2007England
Burnley (H) January 2007Ireland
Birmingham (A) January 2007Ireland
Birmingham (A) January 2007Kenya
Middlesbrough (A) February 2007England
Portsmouth (H) March 2007England
Chelsea (H) August 2007Mali
Bolton (A) August 2007Ivory Coast
Sunderland (A) September 2007England
Liverpool (H) September 2007England
Manchester Utd (H) January 2008Czech Republic
Everton (A) February 2008Mali
Dagenham & Redbridge (A) August 2008England
Dagenham & Redbridge (A) August 2008Ireland
Luton (H) August 2008Turkey
Luton (H) August 2008Ireland
Luton (H) August 2008Iceland
Crystal Palace (H) August 2008Scotland
Cardiff (A) January 2009Wales
Nottingham Forest (H) February 2009Ireland
Derby (A) April 2009England
Nottingham Forest (H) August 2009England
Nottingham Forest (H) August 2009Ireland
Nottingham Forest (H) August 2009Wales
Burton Albion (H) August 2009England
Burton Albion (H) August 2009England
Burton Albion (H) August 2009England
Barnsley (H) August 2009England
Doncaster (H) September 2009Jamaica
Doncaster (H) September 2009England
Doncaster (H) September 2009Ireland
Doncaster (H) September 2009Poland
Watford (H) September 2009Jamaica
Nottingham Forest (A) January 2010England
Nottingham Forest (A) January 2010Iceland
Doncaster (A) February 2010Georgia
Scunthorpe (H) August 2010England
Torquay (A) August 2010England
Northampton (H) August 2010Wales
Crystal Palace (H) September 2010Ireland
Leeds (H) November 2010Antigua and Barbuda
Hull (H) January 2011France
Watford (H) February 2011England
Millwall (H) August 2011South Africa
Charlton (A) August 2011England
Charlton (A) August 2011England
Hull (A) August 2011Latvia
Watford (H) September 2011England
Stevenage (H) January 2012England
Bristol City (H) January 2012Grenada
Bristol City (H) January 2012Poland
Coventry (H) February 2012England
Barnsley (A) March 2012England
Blackpool (H) March 2012England
Stoke (H) August 2012Wales
Stoke (H) August 2012England
Stoke (H) August 2012Russia
Stoke (H) August 2012Jamaica
QPR (A) September 2012Jamaica
Sunderland (A) December 2012England
West Brom (H) January 2013Portugal
Newcastle (A) January 2013Ireland
Newcastle (A) January 2013Nigeria
Sunderland (H) February 2013England
Everton (A) March 2013England
Ipswich (H) August 2013England
Ipswich (H) August 2013Netherlands
Ipswich (H) August 2013USA
Derby (A) September 2013Northern Ireland
Barnsley (A) October 2013England
Bolton (H) January 2014Jamaica
Wigan (A) August 2014Australia
Newport (H) August 2014England
Ipswich (H) August 2014England
Ipswich (H) August 2014England
Huddersfield (H) August 2014England
Huddersfield (H) August 2014Scotland
Nottingham Forest (A) August 2014Northern Ireland
Nottingham Forest (A) August 2014England
Scunthorpe (A) August 2014Ireland
Fulham (H) September 2014England
Sheffield Wednesday (A) September 2014Denmark
Rotherham (H) November 2014England
Cardiff (A) January 2015England
Leeds (H) February 2015Nigeria
Brighton (H) March 2015Ireland
Watford (A) March 2015England
Watford (A) March 2015Slovenia
Watford (A) March 2015USA
Cardiff (H) April 2015Netherlands
Cardiff (H) April 2015Ghana
Derby (A) May 2015England
Birmingham (A) August 2015England
Birmingham (A) August 2015Ireland
Birmingham (A) August 2015Ireland
Birmingham (A) August 2015Portugal
Colchester (A) August 2015Oman
Colchester (A) August 2015England
Milton Keynes Dons (H) August 2015Spain
Ipswich (H) September 2015Czech Republic
Ipswich (H) September 2015Brazil
Ipswich (H) September 2015Netherlands
Bristol City (A) September 2015Peru
Cardiff (A) November 2015England
Sheffield Wednesday (H) January 2016England
Sheffield Wednesday (H) January 2016France
Wolves (H) February 2016Latvia
Huddersfield (A) March 2016Ireland
Blackburn (A) May 2016England

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