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What happened when Little Albert held the rat?
What doll was used in Bandura's study?Looks like a clown
What reinforcement is relatively week, except in use with young children?
What does CR stand for?
What animal did Pavlov use for his experiment?
What was Seligman theory called?Evolution
Name one of the three main ways we learnPavlov/Watson & Rayner
What reinforcement are gambling and fishing examples of?Occasional
What reinforcement is is when you see someone else behaving in a certain way that results in them being rewards or punished, and it influences you decision whether to copy them or
What animal did Skinner and Watson & Rayner both use?An ugly mouse
Hint/QuestionAnswerExtra hint
What does CS stand for?
Name one of the three main ways we learnBandura
What does UCR stand for?
Name one of the three main ways we learnSkinner
Who propounded the social learning theory?
What does NS stand for?
What object did Skinner use in his experiment?
What is 'if you do this you won't have to do that' an example of
What is 'if you do this I will give you that' an example of?
What does UCS stand for?

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