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Born of cold and winter air (4)'Frozen Heart'
This icy force both foul and fair (6)Frozen
My power flurries through the air into the ground (9)'Let It Go'
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast (10)Frozen
Every gesture, every move that she makes makes me feel like never before (11)'Strangers Like Me'
These emotions I never knew of some other world far beyond this place (14)Tarzan
Son of man, look to the sky (6)'Son Of Man'
Some day you'll walk tall with pride (9)Tarzan
Bet the local girls thought you were quite the charmer (10)'A Girl Worth Fighting For'
You can guess what we missed the most (6)Mulan
We must be swift as a coursing river (8)'I'll Make A Man Out Of You'
With all the strength of a raging fire (8)Mulan
I thought my heart had learned its lesson (8)'I Won't Say I'm In Love'
My head is screaming get a grip, girl (8)Hercules
Bless my soul (4)'Zero To Hero'
Person of the week (5)Hercules
Beata Maria, you know I am a righteous man (7)'Hellfire'
Beata Maria, you know I'm so much purer than (6)The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Morning in Paris, the city awakes to the bells of Notre Dame (12)'The Bells Of Notre Dame'
To the big bells as loud as the thunder; to the little bells soft as a psalm (18)The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Lyric (# of words in next line)Next Line'Song'/Movie
This is what we feared, the pale face is a demon (9)'Savages'
Beneath that milky hide, there's emptiness inside (6)Pocahontas
O Great Spirit, hear our song (6)'Steady As The Beating Drum'
Keep the sacred fire strong (6)Pocahontas
I know that you're powers of retention (7)'Be Prepared'
But thick as you are, pay attention! (7)The Lion King
Can you feel the love tonight (5)'Can You Feel The Love Tonight'
The world for once, in perfect harmony (5)The Lion King
Oh, I come from a land, from a faraway place (5)'Arabian Nights'
Where it's flat and immense and the heat is intense (6)Aladdin
Gotta keep one jump ahead of the bread line (6)'One Jump Ahead'
I steal only what I can't afford (2)Aladdin
Tale as old as time, tune as old as song (3)'Beauty and the Beast'
Finding you can change (4)Beauty and the Beast
Look there she goes, the girl is strange no question (6)'Belle'
never part of any crowd, 'cause her head's up on some cloud (8)Beauty and the Beast
Come on, they're not all that impressed with conversation (7)'Poor Unfortunate Souls'
But they dote and swoon and fawn, on a lady's who's withdrawn (10)The Little Mermaid
Yes, you want her (7)'Kiss The Girl'
Possible she wants you too (7)The Little Mermaid

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