A-Z of the Human Body

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Can you name the human body parts beginning with each letter?

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LetterBody PartHint
AGreat Vessel of the Heart
BPart of the CNS
CInferior Part of Vertebral Column
DMajor Muscle of Respiration
ECovers Trachea Whilst Swallowing
FLongest Bone in the Body
GStores bile produced in the liver.
HMain Organ of the Circulatory System
IOne of the Three Small Bones in the Ear
JPart of the Small Intestine
KPair of Organs Involved in Urine Production
LRespiratory Organs
MProtective Covering of CNS
NUpper Part of the Pharynx
OSmall glands located on either side of the uterus that produce eggs and hormones
P'Major' Muscle of the Chest
QGroup of Muscles on the Thigh
RPart of the Eye
SOrgan Involved in Blood Purification in Upper Left Abdomen
TMale organ responsible for making testosterone
UTube Which Carries Urine Away From Bladder
VGreat Vessel; has Inferior and Superior Portions
WThe third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties
XPart of the Sternum (breastbone)
YConstituent of Bone Within Medullary Cavity, Stores Fats
ZBones of the Face, Commonly known as Cheekbones

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