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Can you name the famous Sam (and variants of name)??

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Famous For ....SamBit of trivia
His 17th century diaries
Famous black actor less known for his roles in 'The Cosby Show' and 'Jurassic Park'
National personification of the United States for recruitment
Good friends with 'Bob the builder'
Mascot of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles
Contemporary Australian Singer-Songwriter, surname similar to a small birds
Disgusting sporting figure with equally disgusting tactics
Biblical Figure (and a book of the bible)
British director of 'American Beauty'
American Tennis Player
Famous For ....SamBit of trivia
UK Pop singer shares name with ex-US President with first name Richard
Scottish Golfer of the 90's
The small but brave hairy-footed companion
One of the Founding Fathers of the United States
English left-back of Trinidad and Tobagan origin
Slight french footballer, plays in premiership
Big electrooooo and Dance DJ
Even bigger drum'n'bass DJ
Known as little 'sam' from his partnership with another entrant in this quiz
Character from the show similar to 'Fornication in the Urban Area'

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