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Forced Order
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Who does Edward marry?
What is the name of Edward and Bellas child?
What does Bella have to do in order for Edward to change her himself?
What is the name of Bella's mom?
What is the name of Bella's dad?
Who is Edwards favorite sister?
Who is Alice's mate?
Which one of Edwards sisters does not like Bella?
Who does Rosalie marry?
Who is Edwards 'mother'?
Who is Esme married too?
Where does Carlisle work?
Which one of the Cullens has a slight problem with the smell of blood?
Who is Bella's dads best friend?
What city did Bella live in before she came to Forks?
Who is Bella's best friend?
What kind of mythical creature is Jacob?
Who is the leader of the werewolf pack?
Who does Sam imprint on?
Who does Jacob imprint on?
Who is Emily's niece?
Who imprints on Emilys niece, Claire?
Where does Carlisle hide after he has been changed?
Who tries to kill Bella in Twilight?
What is the name of James's mate?
What is the name of Kates mate?
Who is the leader of the Volturi?
Why does Bella go to meet James?
What is the name of the vampire Victoria created and pretended to love?
Who is Bella's first friend at Forks High School?
Who does Jessica have a crush on?
What is the name of Bella's caring and compassionate friend?
What class does Bella have with Edward in Twilight?
What is the name of the reservation where Jacob and his tribe live?
What kind of vehicle does Charlie buy Bella?
What color is Bellas truck?
What are Alice's visions based on?
Who are Bella's other two male friends?
Who is the girl who does not like Bella at Forks HS?
In what book does Jacob finish the Rabbit?
Who is the most feared vampire on the Volturi guard? (Female)
Who is Jane's twin brother?
Who is the tracker on the Volturi guard?
Fill in the name. 'Take care of that _________. I'd like to go home.'
Who kills Bree in Eclipse?
What don't the Volturi offer?
What is the name of the city that the Volturi live in?
What color is the Porsche that Alice steals?
What are the Cullens doing when James, Laurent, and Victoria find them?
Why do vampires have to have thunder to play baseball?

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