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Bizarre Holidays: Missing Words (USA)

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14-JanDress Up Your ____Day
25-Feb______ Patent Day
20-DecGo ______ Day
11-FebDon't Cry over Spilled ____ Day
16-SepCollect _____ Day
6-Jan_____ Up Day
8-AprDraw a Picture of a ____ Day
4-JunHug Your ___ Day
6-MayNational _______ Appreciation Day
28-NovMake Your Own ____ Day
7-OctBald and ____ Day
6-AprPlan Your ______ Day
8-DecTake it in the ___ Day
11-MarJohnny _________ Day
17-JulYellow ___ Day
27-JunSun _______ Day
12-JulDifferent Colored ____ Day
28-AugRace Your _____ Day
14-MayDance Like a _______ Day
13-SepDefy __________ Day
3-Jan__________ Toss Day
15-Apr_______ Remembrance Day
30-MarI am in _____ Day
3-MarIf Pets Had ______ Day
30-Oct_______ Night
15-NovClean Your __________ Day
3-OctName Your ___ Day
11-DecNational ______ Ring Day
29-MayLearn About ________Day
29-Jun______ Iron Day
3-JulCompliment Your ______ Day
7-SepNeither Rain nor ____ Day
25-Aug____ and Make Up Day
2-Nov________ Egg Day
29-AugMore Herbs, Less ____ Day
16-FebDo a ______ a Favor Day

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