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Can you name the words hidden in these sentences excluding all punctuation and spaces?

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Put some lemon juice in the satay, it gives it a real zing.Musical Instrument
The doctor examined the rash on Daniel's leg.Car Manufacturer
The desert was arid, a hostile environment for the animals.US State
There were twenty satchels in Kim's Bag Store.National Capital
I have no money to buy the pair of jeans.Supervillian
The actors dialogue was not said on key.Animal
Can you hurry and finish your chores!Male Name
Don't forget to bring that on game day.Country
A new cast let the infection on my arm heal.English City
Such airplanes do not exist anymore.Beverage
I suppose I don't need to be horrible to others.Greek Deity
On my holiday I got to milk a yak in Glasgow Zoo.Sport
There was a loud gasp, a rag used as a tissue, disgusting!Vegetable
It was abysmal, I encouraged him to practise more.Film
Charlie is a very useful name to have, because it can be male or female.Human Anatomy

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