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Can you name the Harry Potter Things That Start With the Letter G

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First Name of Governor of Wizarding Examinations Authority
Plant With Which Xeno Lovegood Made a Disgusting Tea
Type of Creature Hagrid's Mother Was
What Harry Eats Before the 2nd Tri-Wizard Task
Ravenclaw Prefect in Harry's Year
What Ginny Says is in a Corridor to Allow Harry into Umbridge's Office
Game Similar to Marbles for Which There is a Hogwarts Club
Fleur's Little Sister's Name
Curse to Create an Identical Copy of Something
What Was in a Tank the 1st Time Harry was in Lupin's Office
Name of Wizarding Bank
Name of Object Which Starts the Tri-Wizard Tournament
First Name of Dark Wizard Grindelwald
Creature that Lives in the Burrow's Attic
Name of Creatures Which Operate Wizarding Bank
Room Where Feasts Take Place at Hogwarts
Village Where the Potters Lived
Nickname of Ravenclaw Ghost
Last name of Voldemort's Mother's Family
Ollivander's First Name
Wandmaker of Krum's Wand
Spell Causing Steps to Flatten Into a Slide
Clothing Shop in Hogsmeade
Creatures that Live in the Burrow's Garden
Substitute Care of Magical Creatures Teacher

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