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Can you name the Harry Potter Things That Start With the Letter F

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Bookshop in Diagon Alley
Statue Group Which Stood in the Ministry of Magic Atrium
Dr. Who Was Maker of Wet-Start Fireworks
Weasley Twin Killed in the Battle of Hogwarts
Neville's Dad's First Name
Last Name of Sneak-Thief Mundungus
Minister for Magic with Green Bowler Hat
Guardian of the Entrance to Gryffindor Tower
Powder Enabling One to Travel via Fireplaces
Spell to Create a Splint
Curse that Covers the Target in Boils
Spell Crabbe Used that Destroyed the Room of Requirement
Blast Ended Skrewts are Hybrid Between Manticores and What?
First Name of Beauxbatons Tri-Wizard Champion
Last Name of Gryffindor Seamus
Toothless Brown Worm Which Eats Lettuce
First Name of Werewolf Greyback
Centaur who Taught Divination
Dursley's Neighbor Who Babysat Harry
Owner of Ice Cream Shop in Diagon Alley
Charm to Make One Person a Secret-Keeper of a Location
Liquid Luck
Alchemist who Created the Philosopher's Stone
First Name of Previous Owner of Watch Harry Receives on His 17th Birthday
Charms Teacher

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