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Can you name the Harry Potter Terms That Begin with the Letter E

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Spell Used to Heal Minor Broken Bones
Potion Created from the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone
SPEW: Society for the Promotion of (blank) Welfare'
Bill Weasley's Pen Friend Sent Him a Hat that Shriveled His What
WWW Product for Eavesdropping
Mrs. Weasley Owned a Cookbook Called '(blank) in Baking'
Maiden Name of Lily Potter
Cho's Friend Who Tattled About the DA
Potion Harry Creates to 'Amuse' Slughorn
Name of Weasley Family Owl
Flavor of Bertie Bott's Dumbledore Ate in Harry's 1st Year
Engorgement Charm
Type of Explosive Horn in the Lovegood's Home
Vanishing Spell
Former Headmaster with Portrait in Ministry of Magic
Patronus Charm
Store Where Hedwig was Purchased
Animal Symbol of Ravenclaw
Room Where House Points Hourglasses Are
Name of Driver of the Knight Bus
OOTP Member Murdered Near Residence of Muggle Prime Minister (last name Vance)
Type of Wood the 'Deathstick' is Made of
What Students Have to Wear When Handling Mandrakes
NEWT: Nastily (blank) Wizarding Test
OWL Grade E Stands For

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