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Can you name the Harry Potter Things that Start with the Letter D

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Magical Plant that Is a Powerful Restorative, Used After Ron is Splinched
Severing Charm
Northern European Wizarding School
Class Taught by Professor Trelawney
Creatures that Guard Azkaban
Professor Umbridge's First Name
Plant Used as a Guard for the Philosopher's Stone
Magical Stinkbomb
What did the D.A. Stand For?
Death Eater Who Killed Lupin
Location of Slytherin Common Room
Dumbledore Found the 12 Uses of What?
Last Name of Beauxbatons Tri-Wizard Champion
Tooth-Growing Spell
Name of the Three Objects that, Together, Make One Master of Death
Creature Whose Eggs McLaggen ate on a Bet
First Name of Colin Creevey's Little Brother
Gouging Spell, Used to Help the Dragon Escape
Last Name of Dumbledore's Best Friend In School
The Name of Voldemort's Symbol
Object in Which the Memory of Tom Riddle Lived
Magical Equipment Shop in Hogsmeade
Charm Which Gives Target an Appearance Like a Chameleon
A Grindylow is a 'water (blank)'
Orange, Radish-Like Fruit Luna Wore as Earrings

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