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Can you name the Harry Potter Things That Start With the Letter C

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Where the Locket Horcrux was Originally Hidden
Percy's Ravenclaw Girlfriend
Charm to Make a Person Happy, Lesson Missed by Hermione in Year 3
Hermione's Cat
Muggle-born Head of Goblin Liaison Office
Incantation for Cruciatus Curse
Charm Placed on Hogsmeade After Dark by Death Eaters
Elusive Creature the Lovegoods Search for on Holiday
Slughorn's Favorite Sweet Snack
Class Taught By Hagrid
Malfoy's Friend and Slytherin Beater
Hufflepuff's Relic That Was Turned into a Horcrux
Magical Creature Resembling a Rooster With a Lizard's Tale, Part of a Triwizard Task in 1792
Professor Binns's First Name
Type of Creature Bane and Magorian Are
Dog Resembling a Jack Russell with a Forked Tail
Charm Used by Hermione during Keeper Tryouts
Class Taught by Professor Flitwick
First Name of Gryffindor McLaggen
Spell to Lock Doors
Type of Dragon Krum Had to Face
Blasting Curse, Used by Hermione Against Nagini
The Magical Maintenance Employee Ron Impersonates with Polyjuice Potion
Ron's Favorite Quidditch Team
Headmistress at Tom Riddle's Orphanage

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