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Small Waterproof Flames Hermione Excels At, Can Be Scooped and Carried in Jar
Aunt of Gellert Grindlewald
Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Charm Used by Fleur and Cedric to Breathe in the Black Lake
Name of Dark Objects Shop in Knockturn Alley
Wood of Wand Ron Steals From Snatchers
Monster in the Chamber of Secrets
'The Noble and Most Ancient House of (blank)'
Magical Plant, Produces Pus Used to Treat Acne
Name of Hippogriff Who is Sentenced to Death
Muggle Gardner for the Riddle House
Animal Symbol of Hufflepuff House
Head of Dept of Magical Games and Sports
Ron Weasley's Middle Name
Form Ernie MacMillan's Patronus Takes
Hex at which Ginny Excels, Witnessed by Slughorn
Muggle Studies Professor
Stone Taken From the Stomach of a Goat, Antidote to Most Poisons
Author of Advanced Potion-Making
Academy of Magic located in South of France
Country for Which Viktor Krum Plays Seeker
Sytherin Female Whom Hermione Attempts to Turn Into
Name of Weasley Home
History of Magic Professor
First name of Ministry Employee Who Went Missing in Albania

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