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Cedric Diggory's Father
What Country Was Ravenclaw's Diadem Originally Hidden In?
Death Eater Dolohov's First Name
Spell to clear an airway
'Mix Powered Root of (blank) to an Infusion of Wormwood...'
Bird-Conjuring Charm
What Type of Creature is Aragog?
Either of the Carrows, Present at Dumbledore's Death
Class Taught By Professor Vector
Albus Dumbledore's Sister
Regulus Black's Middle Name
British Wizarding Prison
Alternate Name for Monkshood and Wolfsbane
Name of Ginny's Pygmy Puff
Summoning Charm
Unlocking Spell
Mrs. Figg's First Name
Susan Bones's Aunt, Head of Dept of Magical Law Enforcement
Water-Making Spell
Narcissa & Bellatrix's sister's name
Filch's First Name
Hufflepuff Student Hannah
Dursley's Plant that Dumbledore Says are 'Flourishing'
Name for the Lobby of the Ministry of Magic
Revealing Charm

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