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Laws of genetics discovered1865
First disease gene mapped1983
Fly genome sequenced
Mouse genome sequenced
Gene therapy for which disease2012
How many Gb human genome?
Roughly how much of genome is protein coding
ENCODE found how much of genome functional
When did Ventner launch Celera Genomics
When was the Bermuda accord
What causes chain termination in Sanger sequencing?
What is the maximum length Sanger sequencing can produce
How much of human genome is repeats
Year HapMap project started
CpG islands usually have active or inactive genes?
Epigenetic study using 40 twins2005
Which epi-drug is a histone deacetylase inhibitor
What can we use to identify candidate molecules for schistosomiasis
A firey next gen method - massively parrallel…
What kind of sequencing did Tamara Sirey rate as the future?
Human expansion of DUF1220 protein domain - where is it expressed
How much of chimp genome can be aligned with human
How many million years ago did sex chromosomes evolve
What year did supreme court rule to uphold patent of genetically modified organism (bacteria that digests crude oil)
How much does it cost to get patent through the first stage
Which company provides biomarker tests for cancer, to tell if your genotype means you will benefit from chemotherapyCosts £2500, covered by some insurance
How many million in grants does Wellcome Trust give out each yearMore than the government to these projects
Who filed patents for BRCA1 & BRCA2 in 1995
Who had the first immortal cell line using cells taken without her consent
What year was the Genetic Information Nondiscriminiation Act (GINA) passed in the USA
What do we have in the UK to watch personal genomics

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