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Demonstrated male widow birds with longer tails attract more females to their territory, by cutting tails off?1989
Gazelles stotting at a lower rate more likely to be chased by wild dogs?1988
Prairie dogs' burrows engineered for optimum airflow?1973
Platyfish & swordtails phylogenetic relationship through preference for long swords?
Herring gul chick pecks at red dot on cardboard box
Democratic decision making in bees
Decides to continue eating when turned upside down
Innate behaviour to paralyse bees and lay eggs on them in nest chamber?
Proposed ESS?
ESS common example
Realised the 'family effect' could be quantified?
Coined 'kin selection'?
Kin recognition in sweat bees?
Green-bear genes
Belding's Ground Squirrels and alarm calling?
Sibling care in bicoloured wren
Inhibited cannabalism among salamander siblings
Spite example?
Kills up to 40% of siblings?
Vampire bats reciprocity

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