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a period of time that can be spent relaxing, engaging in recreation, or otherwise indulging in freely chosen activities
any satisfying, amusing, and stimulating activity that is experienced as refreshing and renewing for body, mind and spirit
the process by which it becomes possible to buy and sell a particular good or service
the utilization of goods and services, wither for personal use or in manufactoring
the media is considered like a fourth branch of government and thus serves as another of the checks and balances on power
the process by which a single corporation acquires ownership of a variety of otherwise unrelated business
a mutually beneficial interaction between parts of an organization that allows them to create something greater than the sum of their individual outputs
the legal combination of two companies, usually in order to maximize efficiency and profits by eliminating redundant infrastructure and personnel
the process by which the number of companies producing and distributing a particular commodity decreases, often through mergers and conglomeration
a situation in which there is only one individual or organization, without competitors, providing a particular good or service
laws designed to maintain competition in the marketplace by prohibiting monopolies, price fixing, or other forms of collusion among businesses
reduction or removal of government controls from an industry to allow for a free and efficient marketplace
a theory that explains the effects of media as if their contents simply entered directly into the consumer, who is powerless to resist their influence
approaches to understanding media effects that focus on individuals' psychological or social needs that consumption of various media fulfills
theory that suggests that audiences seek messages in the media that reinforce their existing attitudes and beliefs and are thus not influenced by challenging or contradictory infor
theory that the mass media can set the public agenda by selecting certain news stories and excluding others, thus influencing what audiences think about
theory on media effects that suggests audiences get information through opinion leaders who influence their attitudes and beliefs, rather than through direct firsthand sources
a term used to characterize audience members as active participants in 'reading' or constructing the meaning of the media they consume
the ideas and frameworks that audience members bring to bear on a particular media text to understand its meaning
a theory of media combining models that privilege the media producer and models that view the audience as the primary source of meaning
Henry Jenkin's term describing the ways that audience members manipulate an original cultural product to create a new one
a group of people dedicated to the consumption and interpretation of a particular cultural product and who create a collective, social meaning for the product
an individual who serves as an example for others to strive toward and emulate
a political and moral philosophy focused on strengthening civil society and communal bonds
groups of people drawn together by shared interests
any informal public place where people come together regularly for conversation and camaraderie when not at work or at home
those organizations, institutions, and interactions outside government, family, and work that promote social bonds and the smooth functioning of society
the customs, practices, and values expressed in a particular place by the people who interact there

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