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Can you name the Marvel Comics Heroes In these Riddles?

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First Letter-Character/First/Last NameHero NameHero Riddle
A-Character (G & Y-Character Names)This incredible shrinking man who grew and grew to be a giant in the field of biochemistry, talked to bugs, married a Wasp when disguised as a bee in a saffron coat, and was predisposed to being slung in the head with a stone. He was forced to leave the Avengers in disgrace apparently suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.
B-CharacterThis cool cat is King of Wakanda although his otherwise ebon appellation did not evolve from Darkest Africa despite being born there but from the animalistic side of his personality.
C-CharacterPatriotic Shield Slinger and Red Skull basher who was created as a World War II Super Soldier and revived from suspended animation to lead the Avengers as the most perfect physical combatant in human history.
D-CharacterBlind super-hero/lawyer who wields a billy-club, whose other senses are superhumanly augmented, and who prowls with an unerring radar sense in and above Hell's Kitchen, as such a namesake should.
E-First Name/CharacterScarlet assassin wielding a pair of sais, this gymnast/martial artist was trained by a Stick, lost a life-altering dart game with a bullseye by a Bullseye, and resurrected by a Stone.
F-CharacterThe Bird Man of Harlem, his Alcatraz was a cosmic cube, but he turned from a life of crime to flying hero who talks to birds telepathically when Cap is not taking his calls.
G-CharacterThis flame-skulled motorcycle stunt master is a one-man chain-gang emanating Hellfire and brimstone who would just as soon sear your soul as ride off into the sunset in search of an innocent to save from Hell.
H-CharacterThis huge green muscle-bound vessel of ultimate rage went from a nuclear physicist to a nuclear gamma bomb in torn purple shorts that could explode on you with a mega-clap of his hands or pounding smash of his fists.
I-CharacterBillionaire playboy and weapons inventor extraordinaire, this armor-wearing industrialist literally had a change of heart and went from drunk to hero while using his repulsor rays to blast the bad guys.
J-First Name (H-Character)This hotheaded member of a quite wonderful quartet is a match for any villiain when you light a fire under him. It wouldn't be a stretch to say he doesn't know what his brother-in-law sees in his sister.
K-Character Second Name (B-Character First Name)This villainous lance-bearing uncle and his Avenging nephew who wields the legendary Ebony Blade of yore were the crusading ancestors of Sir Percy of Scandia who spent his nights with King Arthur at a circular buffet. These Dark Lords of the Manor were both cursed; the Elder by his continuous defeats at the hand of the Avengers in both life and in death and the Younger by the bloodthirsty blade he bore.
L-Name/CharacterThis hero lives on the Blue Area of the Moon but he is so doggone skittish that he is constantly teleporting all over the place. His bark is as bad as his bite.
M-Hyphenated Single Name (C-Character)Kree Space Soldier and acclaimed Skrull killer, he uses his Cosmic Awareness and photon energy blasting Nega-Bands in his role as Defender of the Universe and Commander of the Company of all Marvel Heroes.
First Letter-Character/First/Last NameHero NameHero Riddle
N-First Name (S-Character)Born a prince, the Avenging King of Atlantis swims the oceans blue, talks to sea creatures, and begrudgingly defends the surface dwellers as he haughtily flies above them on little ankle wings.
O-First Name (S-Character)This white-haired, blue-eyed mutant priestess can weather the weather whether it is to rain on a bad guy's parade or to catch lightning in a bottle as an African goddess.
P-First Name/Last Name (S-Character)Bitten by a radioactive insect that gave him his superpowers, this web-slinger, and photo-journalist swings from building to building above the City and loves his Aunt May. He has the sense to bug his opponents with a stream of witty banter while in combat.
Q-CharacterThis amazingly fleet-footed, silver-haired, mutant gypsy has a Witch for a twin sister and joined the Avengers despite the occasional mercurial lapse into villainy.
R-CharacterThis mutant X-Man has difficulty in getting in touch with her feelings (but not anyone else's) as her first kiss was a real disaster.
S-CharacterThis gleaming argent surfer of the spaceways saved his entire world and many a planet of intelligent beings in service of a world devourer using the power cosmic as he laments his lonely eternal exile amongst the stars.
T-CharacterThis ever-lovin', blue-eyed, Yancy-Street'er and orange-scaled pile of rocks can be found at clobberin' time as part of a fairly fabulous foursome.
U-Name (W-Character)This extraterrestrial Big Brother knows if you've been sleeping and knows if your awake and bad and good and everything else because he is always observing, though never interfering.
V-CharacterThis Avenging Synthezoid can be pretty dense when it comes to understanding humans but has an intangible ability to talk in square yellow word balloons. He was born from a Torch and married a Witch.
W-CharacterThis X-Man and mutant food processor will slice and dice you with super-strong and sharp adamantium claws and possesses incredible healing powers. He was Weapon X.
X-Last Name (P-Character)Founder of the X-Men and headmaster of a School for Mutants, this wheelchair-bound baldy is the world's most powerful telepath.
Y-Character (A & G-Character Names)This paranoid schizophrenic scientist-insect who is also featured in the first question was stung with remorse when he was divorced by a Wasp. But eventually like a bee to a flower he was able to win back her heart and resume their romance.
Z-Character Second Name (B-Character First Name)This insane nazi scientist was caught in a sticky situation and lost face after Captain America and Bucky survived a death defying rocket ride that lead to his invention of the first red, white and blue popsicle. Seeking revenge, his son succeeded the father as lord of this German crime family, but headed down the same path and was stuck with the monicker, the hood with a hood, which scarred him for life.

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