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Can you name the following facts corresponding to Peeta Mellark?

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First Book he appears in
Author of the Book Series
Second Book of the Series
Third Book of the Series
Name of the Country he lives in
President of the Country
Peeta's Home District
Industry of his Home District
Hair Color
Eye Color
Age at Start of the Books
How did his Family die?
Is first chosen to participate at what number Games?
Participates next Year at Games specially called
Name of the Event for picking Tributes
District Escort who announces the Names
District Mentor
Special ability at Games
Special ability at Games
Nickname given by the Careers
Score given by the Gamemakers at first Games
Female Tribute from his District
Had a Crush on her since what Age?
Nickname she has given him
Announces his Crush in an Interview with
Number of Children he has with her
Other Person who likes her
Peeta's head Stylist
Dies briefly in arena by
Revived in arena by whom?
Tortured in a Way known as
Childhood Friend who helped with Rehabilitation
Plays a Game to help his memory called
Part of body which is amputated at his first Games
Favorite Color
Portrayed in the Movie by

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