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The absolute value of a quantity.
An angle that is created by adding or subtracting two or more angles.
A translation from one position to another, without consideration of any intervening positions.
The exponent required on base 'a' to give the value of x.
The expression on which a function operates.
A function that is symmetric about the y-axis
The difference between two consecutive values in a table that has a constant variable.
A line that the graph of a relation or function gets closer and closer to, but never meets, on some part of the domain.
A mathematical statement that is true for all values of the given variables.
A relation in which each value of the independent variable corresponds to only one value of the dependent variable.
The exponent to which each factor in an algebraic expression is raised,
A functin that is defined using two or more rules on two or more intervals.
The size of an angle that is subtended at the centre of a circle by an arc with a length equal to the radius of the circle.
A number that can be expressed exactly as the ratio of two integers.
The counter clockwise angle between the initial arm and terminal arm of an angle in standard position.
A geometric operation, such as a translation, a rotation, a dilation or a reflection.
The values of the variable in a function or expression that cause the function or expression to be undefined.

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