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Can you name the Modern European Timeline: 1939- 1945?

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September 1939Germany invades this country, begining WW2
December 1939- March 1940USSR invades Finland in this 'war'
May 1940Germany invades France through this plan
May 26- June 3,1940Over 300000 Allied troops are evacuated from this French town
June 23, 1940Hitler tours this city
September 1940Germany indefinitely puts off this plan to invade Britian
June 1941Germany invades this country during Operation Barbarossa
August 20, 1941The 900 day siege of this city begins
December 5, 1941German attack on this city is abandoned
December 8, 1941Hitler brings this world power into the European war
June 1942Mass murder of Jews begins at this camp
July 1942A turning point battle in Egypt
September 13, 1942Germans attack this Russian city
March 194327 merchant ships are sunk by U-boats in the climax of this battle
July 19, 1943Allies bomb this Italian city
July 25, 1943This man loses Italian power
September 8, 1943This country announces surrender
March 18, 1944Massive British airraid on this city
June 6, 1944Allied troops land on Normandy in this battle
August 4, 1944The Gestapo arrests this girl and her family and sends them to a concentration camp
September 26, 1944The USSR occupies this country
December 1944This battle occurs in the Ardennes
January 17, 1945Soviets capture this Polish city
April 21, 1945Soviets reach this city
April 30, 1945This man commits suicide
November 20,1945War crime trials begin in this city

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