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1501This artist paints the Mona Lisa in the Italy
1517Martian Luther post these on the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany
1588England defeats this great navy
1688-1689William of Orange takes control of England in this revolution
1776Adam Smith wirtes proposes capitalism in this book
1789The French storm this prison
1793This French king is executed
1806-1814Napoleon excludes Britian from this economic system
1815Napoleon is finally defeated at this battle
1815This country becomes permanently neutral
1837This communication device is created
1848Author of Communist Manifesto
1871These two countries become unified
1875Great Britian takes control of this water system in Egypt
1878Belgium takes control of this African area
1914This man is assassinated, causing WWI
1919This treaty is created after Germany's defeat
1922Russia formally takes this name, which it keeps for the majority of the 1900's
1922This country gains independence from the UK
1933This man gains absolute German power
1939Germany invades this country,begining WWII
1941Germany declares war on this country after Pearl Harbor
1944Allied forces attack this area of France on D-Day
1945Hitler commits suicide in this city
1955The USSR creates this military allience
1961This is built to seperate East and West Germany
1986This Soviet leader meets with USA president Ronald Reagan
1991The collapse of the USSR signifies the end of this economic system
1993Several countries try to unify Europe with this confederation
2002The new currency of Europe

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