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The Simple ThingsThe Simple Answers
Month with 28 days
Sixth day of the week
Color of the sky
Number of days in a year
Number of hours in a day
Number of days in a week
Number of seconds in a minute
Number of minutes in an hour
Animal known as 'Man's Best Friend'
Number of legs 3 chickens have
Number of zeroes in 1 billion
What's the number of the question you are on?
Number of months in 100 years
The twelfth number after zero minus five plus seven times one-hundred divided by one-hundred times zero plus sixty-three minus one minus one plus zero plus sixty-five
Twelve in Spanish
On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
What color is the Sun?
What color is the color of leaves of a tree mixed with the color of blood?
The name of the crab in 'A Little Mermaid'
When you have to call the police dial...
Angels and...
Author of 'The Odyssey'
Homer Simpson
The actor who played Woody in 'Toy Story'
Capital of France
Color of Milk
3 main sounds dogs make: ARF!, WOOF!, and
What holiday do these colors remind you of?
If a man is exactly forty, how old is he?
What website is this game on?
What your parents told you not to run with...
The Simple ThingsThe Simple Answers
What comes out of a pen?
Can bees have aunts?
Can bees have ants?
What is at the end of this sentence?
To play this game you must be on a...
What planet are you on?
The Red Planet
How many planets are there?
Which cellestial body used to be one of the planets?
Pluto is also who's dog?
Who is Mickey Mouse in a relationship with?
What does Minnie wear on her head?
What does a bow go on?
Now a riddle: Why is today a gift?
Now which question are you on?
'Today' has how many letters in it?
Sir Isaac Newton had a(n) ______ fall on his head.
Oh, Christmas _______; oh Christmas __________
Jingle _______, Jingle _______
Frosty the _________
Silent _____
Now after that wonderful set of Christmas tunes, who was the first President of the United States of America?
What is the state named after him?
Washington ____. ____.
How many letters are in 'Washington?'
What is the fifth letter in 'Washington?'
What does D.C. stand for?
What is the national animal of the U.S.?
What are the national colors of the U.S.?
What year did the U.S. become an independent nation?
What country did the U.S. win its independence from?
But today England is the U.S.'s ally, correct?
The Simple ThingsThe Simple Answers
What is that called? Hint: It's a literary term.
What question are you on?
Adam and _____
Garden of _____
What do you use to drive to school?
What do people use to ride to school?
What colors are these buses?
These are also the colors of...
Only _______ bees sting.
With wings, bees can...
What was the answer to question 16?
What language is that in?
The Spanish are from...
Where is Spain?
What continent is to the east of Europe?
What continent is south of Europe?
What continent is west of Europe?
What continent is south of North America?
One of the biggest countries in South America
In Brazil they speak...
Portuguese are from...
Portugal is next to Spain. See, we took a trip around the...
The number of years in a decade
The number of years in a century
The number of years in a millenium
How many millenia have passed since 0 A.D.?
What does B.C. stand for?
If you take the 't' off of 'Christ,' what name is that?
If you put the 't' back on what name is that?
_______ Christ
What question are you on?
I'm ready to stop with this quiz. OK?

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