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Clue Movie Title Year
Oldest sister turns evil, younger sister has to find and rescue her before the town freezes over2013
Rebellious 16 year old decides to move to land for the love of a human1989
Arrogant prince traps girls father, girl rescues dad and gets traped by this monster1991
Wealthy family hires a nanny, but surprised when they find out the nanny is magical1964
In the animal kingdom, even uncles plot their brothers deaths to steal throne1994
A street rat falls in love with a princess, then gets 3 wishes from a genie1992
Hardworking girl dreams of opening resturant, dreams fail when meeting an amphibian style prince2009
Young girl lives with abnormally short men, then eats poisonous produce1937
Based on the story Rapunzel, this young girl is traped in a tower2010
Girl gets controlled by wicked stepmother and her only friends are mice, then she losses her shoe1950
Old mans house flys away by 1000s of balloons and ends up going on an adventure with a scout boy and a talking dog2009
This movie has taught us to never leave our toys alone as weird and magical things can happen1995
Race car ends up in a samll country town and makes friends with a rusty old tow car2006
Wicked curse gets put on baby girl, on sixteenth birthday falls a sleep for eternity on her until true love kiss1959
In this forest animals can sing, dance and protect liitle kids from tigers1967
Two love sick puppies fall in love the catch is one is a pampered pouch and the other is a stray mutt1955
A sad story of mans wife getting murder and leaving young child disabled, child gets kidnapped and father travels thousands of miles, with his braindead friend, to find his kid2003
Young deer loses his mother to hunters, has to make friends and cope on his own1942
After giving birth to a massive litter of puppies the family decides weather or not to keep puppies, they end up getting kidnapped by villain1961
Young Scottish girl turns out to be a skilled archer, but in a seires of events turns her falmily into bears and has to find the Witch Doctor to save her family2012
Clue Movie Title Year
Two big city mice are members of a rescures society, and taken on an adventure after a young orphan gets abducted1977
A young Hawaiian girl adopts a small ugly 'dog' this 'dog' eventually turns out to be an alien from another planet2002
Arcade game character, who has a tendancy for wrecking things has always been a bad guy has to turn good after loosing his opponent2012
A team of scaring monsters has a job of collecting screams, however after encounting in a human child the two main characters have to find a way to return her2001
After a young foxes mother was killed, he was taken in by a woman, this fox be-friends the neighbours hound1981
A disfigured bell-ringer who spends time locked away in a tower longs to be with other people, leading to an encounter with a Gypsy1996
A heartfelt story of a wooden boy who dreams of a being a real boy, but every lie disfigures his face1940
A shy animal wants to be normal but with over sized ears this animal finds out something that no other animal of his kind can do1941
A family of superheroes gets taken by an evil villain and has to come up with a mastermind plan to escape2004
A village of bugs gets attacked by crickets, an ant goes looking for help but stumbles upon a circus and hires them for help1998
A young Chinese girl joins the army by cleverly imposting a man, she goes and trains with fellow recuits1998
A small town plane dreams of competing as a high-flying racer, although he is not qulified for racing and is afraid of heights he still tries his best2013
A retired opera singer leaves her inheritance to her spoilt cat, although the womans butler drugs the cat and takes them to the country side and abondons them to inherit the money1970
Monsters in training compete to be the best and win thier way into the scare floor, but a turn for the worst kicks them out of the University2013
An orphaned child discovers a cabin belonging to Merlin the Wizard, this orphan ends up being the one to release the sword1963
An arrogant young emperor is transformed into a llama by a devious woman, he goes on a big adventure just to get his life back to the way it was2000
A young girl follows a rabbit and ends up falling down a hole and finds herself in a completly different world1951
A wild boy, who was raised by a gorilla, falls in love with a girl from the city 1999
A small robot is ordered to clean earth, but ends up finding the love of his life and follows her into a space ship2008
A young Indian woman who journeyed to the 'New World' with other settlers to begin a fresh life1995

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