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Who killed Qotho?
Who is Lord of Starfall?
What is the sigil for House Harlaw?
Who is known as Bittersteel?
Which kingdom has Maidenpool?
Name the only city in the Vale
What is the Skahazadhan?
Name Joffrey's first sword
Where is the Temple of R'hllor?
Name the two cities beginning with Q
Who is Young Griff?
On what hill is the Sept of Baelor?
Who rode Meraxes?
Which house was destroyed in the Defiance of Duskendale?
Where is Missandei from?
Who is the 'Wayward Bride'
How high is the wall?
Who says 'burn them all!'
Who is the only one to defeat Robert Baratheon?
Who made Oathkeeper?

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