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QUIZ: Can you name the Verbs in Lundian (clues are given in English on the left and Lundskian on the right) read the first ?

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English VerbsLeslles kuu LundllenneLesos khar Lundskio
to speak / to talkspykar
to studyolojar
to trytryar
to spitachatar
to walk across a desertmangar
to rememberubliar
to make winevinar
to digterar
to crykryar
to clean / to clearklarar
to bleedferar
to encase / to put things in a boxkachar
to climbeskalar
to likelykar
to glue / to stickadezar
to skinepidar
to fly / to swimaveiar
to perform / to actcoar
to washwasar
to hurthurtar
to blow glassverar
to lieneverdar
to impregnatesecar
to posemanakar
to smeltsmeltar
to crucifykrucar
to make paper / to make origamipapurar
to rainreinar
to play (games)chwar
to play (music) / to singcantar
to wake up / to riserizar
to forgetneubliar
to windanar
to play the ukuleleukulelar
to helphelpar
to blindnevysar
to lift / to make something higherheiar
to ordain / to be ordainedpretar
to leave / to gomyndar
to drinkuvedar
to partypartar
to finishfinar
to be posessed by the devilctanar
to be ablekanar
to conscientiously objectpacar
to writeeskribar
English VerbsLeslles kuu LundllenneLesos khar Lundskio
to laughlaugar
to sweetensukrar
to break / to cutsukrehar
to poisonposar
to taste / to smelltrentar
to hide / to disguisemaskar
to be worshipped as a goddioar
to comb / to brushregalar
to prayamen
to bitedontar
to write in Arabic / Hebreweskribar semit
to kisskucar
to useyusar
to lightlichtar
to openagorar
to drivemotorar
to stophaltar
to tell the truth / to promiseverdar
to dancedansar
to write fairytales / to tell storieselvar
to believe / to hopeespar
to relax relaxar
to allowlar
to beginorich
to hugkutcar
to be / to dokhar
to lovekarar
to reflect / to mimicmirar
to fallcutar
to freefriar
to tell someone to be quietcucar
to neednydar
to stealpirar
to damntorar
to breathrespar
to accept / to havehavar
to namenomar
to listen / to hearkutar
to heathytar
to draw / to paintartar
to read / to communicateparlar
to radiateradiar
to protect / to savesaubar
to thinkponsar
to age / to growajar
to touchtucar
English VerbsLeslles kuu LundllenneLesos khar Lundskio
to filmfilmar
to make / to createkreiar
to closeneagorar
to jumpsutar
to understand / to knowkomprar
to thankdankar
to sleeplitar
to walkwakar
to fixnesukrehar
to upholstercytar
to apply make-up / to colourkolorar
to waitweitar
to weartectar
to losenedanar
to fightfitar
to blame / to darevlamar
to make / collect clocksklocar
to livelyfar
to excorcisenectanar
to fillkapasar
to choose / to changeconjar
to surfwikar
to waterdurar
to die / to killmorar
to runredar
to emptynekapasar
to learn / to teachtechtar
to pay / to buyprynar
to cancel / to go backzurukar
to ride a horseeponar
to abstain (from sex)nesecar
to salthalenar
to give / to sendnehavar
to breast-feedmamar
to glorifyauar
to sylestylar
to eatboidar
to count / to numbercar
to sense / to feelfylar
to loselosar
to freezeysar
to pose provocativelybupar
to smokesmugar
to cookkwisar

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