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QUIZ: Can you name the Hunger Games?

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SituationA,B or CChoices
You see a Bow+arrows but another tribute is running for it.A:You Grab+GO. B: You run and take cover. C: You attempt to kill the tribute, then, Grab+GO
Now what do you do?A:Run and take cover. B:Get in with the action at the cornucopia. C:Try and make and ally.
Now what do you do?A:Your up in a tree and you hear a tribute coming, you attempt to shoot her. B: you stick up in your tree. C: You try to make an ally.
You see an empty cave across from you, what do you do now?A:Check it out. B:Stay where you are C:throw a branch into it from your tree and look for movement.
You see a tribute, now what do you do?A:Shoot him. B:Try to make an ally. C:Stay where you are
Now what do you do?A:Leave the body on its own B:Drag the body away so you dont leave a trace. C: Take his stuff.
There are 3 tributes left, now what do you do?A:Go out to kill B:Wait, but keep aware. C:Sleep, to gain energy,then go to kill.
The cannon fires, now what do you do?A: Go to kill. B: wait for him to find you. C:Go to the cornucopia then go to kill.

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