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Sugar syrup is made with sugar and what liquis?
'After all, tomorrow is another day' is the final line from which movie/book?
How did Joan of Arc died?
Which common name is given to a toxin secreted by a animal used to harm the others?
Penguins typically live on what continent?
What color is the Pac-Man?
Which political thriller TV series starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is also known as The Fixer in South Africa?
Mercodonius was a month in which obsolete calender?
In which decade was the Hoover Dam completed?
Who wrote Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?
Genghis Khan was the founder of what empire?
Which of the human body's internal organ is the heaviest?
Joseph Pulitzer was internationally famous in which field?
In which movie did Dustin Hoffman break up a wedding to run away with the bride Elaine?
The Great Sphinx is located in what country?
What is the other name of the tennis Grand Slam tournament Roland Garros?
Before 2011, which country had the only one-colored flag in the world?
Legendary soccer superstar Pele was born in what country?
According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, how many 5 stars matches did Hulk Hogan take part of?
Which Nintendo console succeded the Super Nintendo?
A comet is primary made from which material?
How many stomachs does a cow have?
Which politician was nicknamed 'The Iron Lady'?
The autobiography 'Moonwalk' is about which celebrity?
An icosahedron has how many faces?
Princess Badroulbadour inspired which Disney princess?
What is the common name for the fish Xiphias Gladius?
What is the capital of the province of Ontario?
What was the first name of Buddha?
In Iranian mythology, what type of creature is Simurgh?
Martin Luther, father of the Lutherians, was born in what country?
Which is the only judge on the judging panel of MasterChef US born outside of the USA?
Ben and Jerry's is a American company specialized in which type of food?
In 2013, which Pope resigned from its position?
Dragunov, Barrett and Steyr are brands of what?
Taekwondo was created in which Asian country?
The Reuben sandwich was created in which country?
Who killed Abraham Lincoln in Petersen House on April 15 1865?
Dick is the diminutive of what first name?
In american football, a personal foul penalty is worth how many yards?
Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta are characters in what Akira Toriyama manga?
The asteroid belt is located between the orbits of which two planets?
Which mixed martial arts athlete won 12 consecutives bouts before losing her first match at UFC 193?
Which blood type is the universal receiver?
Winemaker company La Azul is set in what country?
In the movie The Planet of the Apes, what is the name of the planet where the action took place?
The Red Army is associated with people from which country?
How many caseholders are there on the TV show Deal or No Deal?
What were the last names of the three brothers in the Bee Gees?
In Ally McBeal, Ally McBeal exerced which profession?
Times Square is located in which US City?
What nationality was the play author Henrik Ibsen?
Honoré de Balzac, Eugène Delacroix and Moliere are resting in what cemetery?
Actor Liam Neeson was born in what country?
Who was the last winner of American Idol?
'Because you're worth it' is the catchphrase from which cosmetics company?
Ballistics is the study of movement/mechanics of what?
Beirut is the other name of what famous drinking game?
The motto for Red Bull company is: 'Red Bull gives you _________?'
In which sitcom did Kelsey Grammar win four Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series?
What is the most abundant mineral in the human body?
Which actress was in the movies S.W.A.T., Avatar and The Fast and the Furious?
Which American daredevil made a motorcycle jump over the fountains at Caesars Palace in 1967?
What is the name of the anchorman in the 2004 movie 'The Anchorman'?
The largest pizza in the world, with a total surface area of 1,261.65 m², was created in 2012 in what country?
The Roman Empire use which constructions to transport water to facilites such as fountains, latrines and baths?
What is the first name of Dr. Grey in Grey's Anatomy?
What is the name of a negatively charged particle inside an atom?
Which condition did Tom Hanks's character in Philadelphia suffer?
Which item of food can be poached or sunny side up?
How many strings does a cello have?
The Hassenfeld brothers founded which company in 1923?
Which color is salsaverde?
Comedian Charlie Chaplin parodied which political leader in the 1940 satirical movie The Dictator?
Société Générale, Banco Santander and Morgan Stanley are famous what?
In blackjack, what is the value of a Queen?
Grenadine is primary made from which fruit?
The acer genus is commonly known as which type of trees?
Who is the lead actress on the TV Series The Black List?
In J.R.R. Tolkien's universe, what type of creature is Smaug?
The United Nations remplaced which defunct organization?
A vichyssoise soup is made from leeks and what other vegetable?
Balls primary used in what sport are lying on the Moon surface?
Which female tennis player was the only one to win the Golden Slam (Grand Slam and the Olympic Gold Medal) in singles within the same year?
Which famous hockey player had the number 99 before it was retired in every NHL team?
Which Beatles song was partially written in French?
Which US city is also known as 'The Second City'?
What color is the S on the Suzuki logo?
The Battles of Crecy and Castillon were involved in which historical war?
Who wrote the book Frankenstein?
How many symphonies did Ludwig van Beethoven compose?
Lightning McQueen is a character in which animated movie?
Which hypothetical particule is said to move faster than the speed of light?
Jamaican Marvin Dixon and Winston Watts competed in which event at the 2014 Winter Olympics?
In which arena do the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Islanders play their home games?
Manhattanhenge is a optical phenomenon occuring in what city?
Which morphing vehicule is featured in the series of children education novels written bu Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen?
The Greek Chimera has the head of what feline?
The game Shogi is a Japanese form of which board game?
Which European country has the most World Heritage Sites in the world?

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