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Who was the lead singer of the band Audioslave?
Which Pink Floyd's album features a prism and a rainbow on its cover?
How did Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens died in 1959?
Who painted Guernica?
What is the name of the little blonde girl featuring in a 19th centurt fairy tale alongsdide three bears?
What is the capital of Utah?
Known as 'The Father of Public Relations', Edward Bernays was the nephew of which psychologist?
A mullet is what type of creature?
Frankie Manning, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Fred Astaire are known in what domain?
'all work and no play makes jack a dull boy' is a famous saying appearing in which Stanley Kubrick movie?
Vladimir Makarov is the main protagonist in what video game franchise?
A Windsor knot is executed on which object?
Ellie Goulding was born in which country?
Where does Count Dracula sleep in the day?
PepsiCo. headquarters are based in what US state?
Sagrada Familia basilisk in located in what European city?
Which rock star was born Marvin Lee Aday?
What is the extrusive equivalent of magma?
If both of your parents have blue eyes, what is the purcentage of having brown eyes at birth?
Which suffix is used to describe direction?
A carnivore regime is mainly composed of what?
The baroque music era ended in what century?
Which fallen angel is often referred as Satan?
What does the acronym WWW means?
A brisket is a meat cut usually taken on which animal?
On which Land O'Lakes product does a Indian girl named Mia is kneeled, holding the said product in her hands?
What is the male counterpart of the Succubus?
The Hawaiian pizza was designed in what country?
What sort of creature is a cotinga?
The defendants in The Pirate Bay trial in 2008 were accused of what crime?
How many players are there on a basketball team?
Sherry is primary made from which fruit?
In geometry, the apex of a pyramid is opposed to which other face?
In Futurama, what liquid does Bender need to drink in order to recharge its batteries?
What element in the Halide family is a liquid at room temperature?
On which island was Napoleon Bonaparte exiled after the Treaty of Fontainebleau?
Scotland Yard police force is located in which city?
Which actor stars in the 2004 movie The Notebook?
In an orchestra, what is the lowest register instrument in the brass family?
What does the R mean in the acronym MRI?
Beef Wellington is rumored to have been created in what country first?
Morteau, mortadella and merguez are what kind of food?
From which country was the first woman in space born?
On which year the Berlin Wall was completety demolished?
In the Harry Potter series, who is the Half-Blood Prince?
Tchenobyl Power Plant is now located in which European Country?
Mount Rushmore is located in what US state?
Complete the saying: 'When life gives you lemons, make ______'
At how many Kelvin degrees does the water usually boil?
A sonicboom occurs when which barrier is broken?
Which Batman villain was formally known as Harvey Dent?
In a luminol molecule, which element has the most atoms present?
In which country a trebuchet was used for the first time around 300 years BC?
T-Fal company mainly produces items for which house room?
What is the second book of the Old Testament?
Which French biologist developed the vaccine for anthrax?
In which professional sport did Greg Louganis, Jack Laugher and Alexandre Despatie compete at Olympics?
Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones starred in which 2002 musical cinematography remake?
Who wrote the novel 'The Trial' in 1914?
A somersault is a exercise in which the athlete performs a rotation of how many degrees?
How many incisors does a beaver have?
What is the color of the triangle on the flag of Bosnia-Herzegovina?
Who performed the role of Jules Winnfield in the 1994 movie Pulp Fiction
What is Superman's weakness?
In Kojak, Lt. Kojak is mainly known for missing which body part?
In which European Country physicist Neils Bohr was born?
How many times a week is The Guardian published?
Which word can follow the words Trench, Rain and Over?
Canola oil is produced by the seeds of a plant of which color?
The Scarlet Letter was written by which American author?
Which Shakespeare play is also the other name of the board game Reversi?
Which company is parent of The Minute Maid company?
How many holes does a bowling bowl have?
Michael Nesmith is associated with which 1960s music band?
Which Austin Powers character was a spy in the Scots Guard in 'The Spy Who Shagged Me'?
To where do all the light rays converge after encountering a lense?
How many decades are there in a millenium?
Myriapoda is a subphylum under what phylum?
Which nucleobase is opposed to guanine in a DNA molecule?
What is the hottest planet in the Solar System?
What does the British slang word 'chunder' mean?
From which language does the prefix pyro- come from?
By the end of which period in Earth’s history had most dinosaurs become extinct?
A cataract is a body of water of what type?
In which 1954 movie did Audrey Hepburn earned her only Academy Award for Best Actress?
Rolling Thunders and Rabustos are calibers of what?
What is the familial link between Glenn Close and Brooke Shields?
Jaune is translated to what color in English?
Guacamole is primary made from which fruit?
On Desperate Housewives season 1, what is the first name of Bree Van de Kamp's husband?
On which child's toy did Benjamin Franklin try to prove that lightnings are in fact electricity?
Emotion association is primary located in which lobe of the brain?
In Big Bang Theory, what is the specialization of Raj?
Which French word means a return to the stage by a performer at the end of a well executed performance?
Lake Chilika is located in which country?
Jeans are primary made from what material?
Which singer performed the number 1 hit Umbrella?
Levofloxacin is what kind of drug?
How many legs does an arachnid have?
What does the acronym UV stand for?

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