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Borscht was first prepared in what continent?
Which band is the top selling Irish act of all time?
In what decade did the Watergate scandal occured?
Oscar de la Hoya is a famous athlete in what sport?
How many humps does a camel have?
What type of creature is a barramundi?
Gravity on Earth is how many times stronger than on the Moon?
.krd is the Internet domain for what region?
A prunus persica tree produces what kind of fruit?
How much points do you need to score a perfect game in bowing?
Who portrayed Vito Corleone in the movie The Godfather II in 1974?
A starfish has typically how many arms?
A pluviometer essentially measures what?
Cleopatra ruled which ancient civilization?
'Are you gonna be my girl' is a hit performed by which band?
A dingo is indigenous in which country?
Insulin is produced in what human organ?
In which country the first Ferris Wheel was designed?
Which element of the periodic table was the first to me artificially made?
The Ivy League is composed of how many members?
What does the T in ATF refers to?
The suffix -logy came from what ancient language?
The Everest is located in which mountain range?
From which European country Vietnam has declared independence from following WWII?
How many Wonders of the Ancient World are still intact?
In which fictional city is based the daytime soap General Hospital?
Jack Dorsey is a co-founder of which Social Network?
For which group guitarist Tom Morello performed from 1991 to 2000?
How many ossicles are there in a human ear?
Which breed of dog is Lassie?
Who first set foot on the Moon in 1969?
Pol Pot was a revolutionnary politician in what country?
A Camry is a model from which automotive manufacturer?
How many pawns are there on the board at the beginning of a chess game?
What kind of species of tiger can have white pigmentation?
Classical electromagnetism is explained by which physicist's four equations?
Which winter Olympic sport is played with brooms?
Who main-evented alongside Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania III?
How many tines does a trident have?
At Universal Studios Japan, what kind of ride is 'The Flying Dinosaur'?
How many syllables are in an alexandrine?
Which popular fast food chain has the most locations in the world?
The Jolly Green Giant is the mascot for what kind of food?
In opposition to the Oscars, what prize is handed to the worst in film?
In a water cycle, which physical process follows evaporation?
Who is Superman archnemesis?
Complete the Rolling Stones' 1969 hit: Gimme ________
The Hulk comics are published by which comic books giant?
Coca-Cola company headquarters are settled in which US city
Who developed the laws of planetary motion?
What is the name of a young salmon?
How many French Open Rafael Nadal won?
What is the name of Chuck Noland's volleyball in Castaway?
What job had Pippi Longstocking's father in Astrid Lingren's stories?
Which rainbow color has the highest wavelenght?
Complete the Marilyn Monroe quote: 'Dogs never bite me, just ___________
Which dessert component is the outer layer of a bombe alaska?
The song 'Frank Sinatra' was written and performed by which american female singer?
Romanian Nadia Comaneci is an athlete in what sport?
In Christianity, which is the first sacrament?
Gondolas are typically found in what city?
Which creature is the tallest flightless bird?
Which facial feature do Colonel Sanders, Mario and Ron Burgundy have in common?
Howis the author of the Twilight novel series?
How many leaves does a normal shamrock have?
The Astrodome is located in what US city?
Which card suit has the biggest center image for its ace?
Which type of acid is C6H8O7?
In the Bible, who is the father of Isaac?
The Cyclops had how many eyes?
In the Lord of the Rings, which race is Gimli?
Betty Boop has what hair color?
In fencing, which weapon is the only one who can slice an opponent to score points?
All Saints' Day is celebrated on the first day of which month?
A gorra is what piece of clothing in English?
Which video game is the all time best-selling title?
Pegasus was what type of creature?
A marimba is a type of what musical instrument?
Anjou and Bosc are varieties of what fruit?
Chef was a character in which Comedy Central animated TV show?
Bryan Adams was born in what country?
Ariel is the name of what Walt Disney character?
Commedia dell'arte origined in what European country?
Hemlock, cypress and mahogany are types of what?
Which country is the world leader in production of pineapples?
Worcestershire sauce was first developed in what country?
Which poisonous part of a bee is also the name of a famous member of 'The Police'?
What is the surname of Magic the Gathering creator, which is shared by a comics lazy cat?
Sigmund Freud is best known for his work in what discipline?
Who is Snoopy bird companion in Peanuts?
Who created the original X-Factor in the United Kingdom?
In which century the Eiffel Tower was built?
Sookie Stackhouse is the protagonist in what HBO series?
John Chapman is best-known by what nickname?
Affogato, Macchiato and Breve are what types of food?
Who voiced Scooby-Doo in the Hanna-Barbara series Scooby-Doo, Where are You?
The Scorpions band was created in what country?
A rainbow is produced by what optical principle?
Which actress who starred in 1951 movie 'A Place in the Sun' died in 2011
Which solid is traditionally found in an hourglass?

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