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What is the only sin beginning with the letter W?
Action in the Batman franchise is set in which fictional city?
A monocle is worn on which body part?
US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt was afflicted by which chronical disease?
Complete the title of the novel : Charlie and the Chocolate _________
How many time zones are there in Europe?
In which country CĂ©line Dion was born?
What family link do biblical characters Cain and Abel have?
Which nationality does actor Alan Rickman have?
In which US state TV series Dawson's Creek occurs?
How many players are in a beach volleyball team?
Who is the mascot of the Pokemon franchise?
Which day of the week is also the name of a cold dessert?
For which soccer team Arsene Wenger is manager since 1996?
In 2013, which US city has filed bankruptcy, making it the largest city to file for it at more than 18 billions
Angelina Jolie divorced which actor in 2003?
On which team did Mickey Mantle played the majority of his professionnal baseball career?
Which element is named Rn in the periodic table of elements?
In which habitat does the mythical Leviathan lives?
Which actress won the most Golden Globes?
How many USA presidents have been assassinated in office?
Which planet is the only one to have its axis of rotation in almost the same plane as its solar orbit?
Which blood component has the highest volume?
Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, is located in which South American country?
Cauchy, Riemann and Leibniz are scientists in what field?
In addition to vermouth, which alcohol is necessary to make a classic martini?
What is the nationality of fictional detective Hercule Poirot?
On which year the Titanic sunk?
Which color is Mace Windu's lightsaber in the Star Wars movies?
How many eggs does a dolphin lay in average?
What is the nickname of pro golfer Phil Mickelson?
Who directed the movie The Passion of the Christ in 2004?
Jack the Ripper was a serial killer in which city?
Who slain Goliath in the Bible?
Vatican City is surronded by which other country?
Which geometrical form is the DNA molecule?
How many brothers were in the Marx Brothers?
Which TV Reality show is hosted by Dave Navarro since 2012?
Suriname is located in which continent?
How many bones does a slug have?
Who was Adolf Hitler's longtime companion?
Who was the leader of North Korea for the first inter-Korea summit in Pyonghang in 2000?
What is the name of the mascot on Frosted Flakes cereals?
Which US state comes first alphabetically?
What type of food is a capsicum?
What is the placeholder name given to an unknown male patient or an unknown corpse?
How many women preceded Theresa May as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?
Jennifer Anniston plays which character in the sitcom Friends?
How did Ted Bundy died?
In which James Bond film Halle Berry plays the role of Giacinta Johnson?
Juliette Binoche played Vianne Rocher in which 2000 food movie?
According to Ovid, on which bird Hera has put Argus's 100 eyes?
Nathan Drake is the protagonist of what video game series?
Kimchi is mainly composed of what vegetable?
What does Ph means in Ph D.?
Which NFL team has lost the most Super Bowls?
The Hagia Sophia museum is located in which city?
In which US State is Rodeo Drive located?
The Thinker is what kind of art representation?
What is the official language in the province of Quebec in Canada?
Who wrote the 1955 novel Lolita?
Entomology is the study of what?
Who was Stan Laurel's comedy partner?
Hydrophobia is the fear of what?
In which domain Vera Wang is famous?
What color is cerulean?
The parietal lobe is located in which human organ?
How the word kamikaze translates in English?
Steven Spielberg was born in which country?
What is the world largest citrus fruit?
Which score is the best score in a game of baccarat?
Who is the roman god of wisdom?
What type of creature was a dodo?
Which item is thrown in a women's heptathlon?
Julianna Margulies starred in which legal drama from 2009 to 2016?
How many feet does a bipod have?
Which room is opposite to the Kitchen by a secret passage in Clue?
Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1962 movie To Kill A Mockingbird?
How many Nobel Prizes did Albert Einstein win?
How much points is worth a bullseye in darts?
Who is Rocky Balboa's opponent in the first Rocky movie?
Which astrological sign you are if you are born on February 27th?
Around the world in Eighty Days was written by which French author?
In which century physicist Michael Faraday was born?
Who Drew Carey replaced as the host of The Price is Right in 2007?
A solo is formed with how many performers?
What does the V stands in DVD?
What is the lowest vocal range in male singing voices?
In physics, which letter is described as the third subshell in orbital configuration?
A safety is worth how many points in a football game?
How many sides does an hexagon has?
Singer and songwriter Shakira was born in what country?
On January 20th 2017, who was inaugurated as the 45th US president?
What color is Viagra?
What is the meaning of the letters PA in NHLPA?
How many kidneys the human body has?
Which TV host incorrectly announced the winner of Miss Universe in 2015?
How many incisors an adult human has?
Sri Lanka is located south of which Asian country?
What is the pH of a neutral solution?

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