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To soften or break into pieces using liquid
Coating of glossy substance by dripping, dipping, or brushing
Thickening and intensifying flavor by rapidly boiling
Dry heat applied to surface of food
Browning of sugar
A type of grill that resembles a griddle
Food that is first seared and then put in a covered pot with a variable amount of liquid
Removing caramelized pan residue to create a pan sauce
To coat moist foods before cooking
Pan with small amount of oil of relatively high heat
Soaking foods in a seasoned liquid
Perserving food in a mixture of salt and water
Cooked foods blended into a creamy paste
Alcohol is added to a pan to create a burst of flames
The technique of cooking food in oil or fat
Process of gently simmering foods in liquid
Food is plunged into boiling water, then iced water to halt cooking process
To cook in its own fat
Food soaked in hot liquid at the boiling point of water
Cooking method using prolonged dry heat acting by convection; usually done in oven

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