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measure of the useful energy produced by an energy conversion device compared to the energy that ends up being converted to low-quality heat
system where 2 useful forms of energy are produced from the same fuel source
plant covered roofs that provide good insulation, absorb storm water, outlast conventional roofs, and make a building more energy efficient
convert sunlight directly into electricity
percent of commercial energy that is wasted in the US
initial cost plus lifetime operating costs
determined by the efficiency of each step in the energy conversion for the entire system
eventually could get 80-300 mpg
unnecessary energy waste costs the US about $_____ billion per year
device that combines hydrogen gas and oxygen gas fuel to produce electricity and water vapor
type of lightbulb that wastes 95% of its energy input of electricity
runs on gasoline, diesel fuel, or natural gas and uses a small battery to provide the energy needed for acceleration and hill climbing

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