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Can you complete the flop, turn, river and showdown in this poker themed word ladder?

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* THE FLOP * On the flop you have the highest card in Poker:FLOP: Start with three letter words.
Primate native to Africa and Southeast AsiaFLOP: 3 letter words.
Appropriate or suitable in the circumstances.FLOP: 3 letter words.
To choose.FLOP: 3 letter words.
Type of grain.FLOP: 3 letter words.
Postman with a cat called Jess.FLOP: 3 letter words.
The sum of money that players wager during a poker hand.FLOP: 3 letter words.
A hole in the ground.FLOP: 3 letter words.
In good physical condition. FLOP: 3 letter words.
A type of coniferous tree.FLOP: 3 letter words.
In poker, if you have nothing you can be said to have ___.FLOP: 3 letter words.
* THE TURN - ADD A LETTER * On the turn you have a:TURN: Add a letter to the previous word, to continue with four letter words.
A thread-like strand growing from skin.TURN: 4 letter words.
Weather condition.TURN: 4 letter words.
A possible murder location in Cluedo.TURN: 4 letter words.
Strong and healthy (most often said of an older person).TURN: 4 letter words.
The two cards dealt face down to each player in Poker.TURN: 4 letter words.
This quiz is based on Texas ____ 'em.TURN: 4 letter words.
The action taken if you no longer wish to participate in a hand of poker.TURN: 4 letter words.
Nutritious substance.TURN: 4 letter words.
A dozen inches.TURN: 4 letter words.
Word Ladder HintsAnswers Info
Acquired when plundering treasure.TURN: 4 letter words.
American television drama series.TURN: 4 letter words.
To have a strong desire for someone.TURN: 4 letter words.
Having or characterized by luxuriant vegetation, also a British cosmetics store.TURN: 4 letter words.
* THE RIVER - ADD A LETTER * On the river you have a:RIVER: Add a letter to the previous word, to continue with 5 letter words.
Sudden burst of light.RIVER: 5 letter words.
______ of Clans - Highest grossing mobile app of all time.RIVER: 5 letter words.
A set or category of objects.RIVER: 5 letter words.
Transparent material.RIVER: 5 letter words.
A snitchRIVER: 5 letter words.
Alloy made from copper and zinc.RIVER: 5 letter words.
Spoiled, badly behaved children.RIVER: 5 letter words.
Alternate name for the rank of poker hands consisting of a pair and three of a kind.RIVER: 5 letter words.
Shoes.RIVER: 5 letter words.
Part of a tree used to stabilize itself.RIVER: 5 letter words.
Disorderly retreats of defeated troops.RIVER: 5 letter words.
Path taken to reach a destination.RIVER: 5 letter words.
To make angry or excited.RIVER: 5 letter words.
* SHOWDOWN * At showdown your opponent has a full:SHOWDOWN!
BONUS QUESTION: Who had the better poker hand? (Enter 'myself' or 'opponent')BONUS QUESTION

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