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Where is the earliest known site of human habitation in Israel?
Which animal was first known to have been domesticated in Israel?
Which culture is the first known to have produced beer?
In what battle did Egypt defeat Kadesh and Canaanite allies in 1457 BCE?
Who was the first king of Israel, anointed in the 11th Century BCE?
What were the capitals of Judah and Israel? (name one)
Which empire conquered the Kingdom of Israel circa 720 BCE?
Which king of Judah successfully repelled Assyrian invaders in 701 BCE?
Which Persian emperor allowed Jews to return to Israel in 538 BCE?
Which revolt re-established Jewish independence in 160 BCE?
Which empire intervened in a Jewish civil war in 63 BCE and asserted control for 600 years?
Who founded a religious movement in approximately 30 CE that evolved into Christianity?
Who led the Jewish revolt against Roman occupation in 132-135 CE?
Which caliphate conquered Jerusalem and allowed Jews to return in 638 CE?
Which pope launched a genocidal crusade aimed at conquering Israel?
Mamluk Egypt inflicted a defeat on what foreign power in 1260 CE in the Galilee?
Which Ottoman Turk's armies conquered Israel in 1517?
Who led the movement to found modern Zionism in 1897?
In what year did the United Nations vote to create independent Jewish and Palestinian states?
Which Israelis have won the Nobel Peace Prize? (name one)

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