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In what region were 1.5 million year old stone tools found?
What human species dominated France from about 300,000 to 30,000 years ago?
What cave in Dordogne is home to some of the most extensive prehistorical cave paintings in the world?
Which culture/nation established themselves in western France from about 2400 to 1400 BCE?
People from which nation founded Marseilles circa 600 BCE?
Which Senones chieftain led the sack of Rome in 390 BCE?
Which three ethnic groups dominated France at the time of Rome's 50s BCE invasion? (name one)
In what year did all free men in Gaul become Roman citizens?
Which Frankish dynasty conquered most of France by 486 CE?
The Franks repelled Umayyad invaders at which 732 CE battle?
Which ethnic group occupied and settled Normandy in the 8th and 9th centuries CE?
Name either of the mass peace movements begun by the Catholic Church in France in the decades around 1000 CE.
Which university achieved independence from local ecclesiastical and secular authority in 1231 CE?
Which disease killed millions in 14th Century France?
Which battle ended the 100 Years War between England and France?
Which group of Calvinists was largely suppressed by the Catholic French state in the 1600s?
Who edited the influential Encyclop├ędie between 1751 and 1772?
Which significant declaration was adopted by the National Assembly on August 27, 1789?
Which emperor largely co-opted the Revolution and consolidated dictatorial political powers in himself?
In what year was the right of women to vote recognized?

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