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Can you name the answers to each of these clues related to people and events from 2015?

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Which country became the 19th to adopt the Euro as its currency?January
What French satirical newspaper was the target of an al Qaeda attack?January
Which University of North Carolina basketball coach and integration activist died with 879 wins?February
The Battle of Debaltseve was fought in which country?February
Which dwarf planet was visited by NASA's Dawn spacecraft?March
In what mountain range was a Germanwings flight deliberately crashed by its co-pilot?March
What was the magnitude of the earthquake that killed approximately 9,000 people in and near Nepal?April
What disease was eradicated from the Americas?April
Which artist's work became the most expensive sculpture sold in history?May
Which country became the first to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote?May
Who was the FIFA president that resigned amid corruption allegations?June
Which country became the first to eradicate mother to daughter transmission of HIV and syphilis?June
Which NASA spacecraft became the first in history to visit Pluto?July
Which notable Egyptian actor died on July 10?July
Which Greek prime minister resigned?August
What city's historic ruins were destroyed by Islamic State soldiers?August
Which automaker admitted to falsifying emission tests and contributing to global warming?September
Which country began bombing Syria in support of the Assad regime?September
Thirteen members of which organization were killed during an American bombing in Afghanistan?October
Which person became the 29th Prime Minister of Australia?October
What team won the World Series for the first time in 30 years?November
Which two countries' presidents met formally for the first time?November
Which former Israeli president died in Jerusalem?November
In which city was a new climate change pact reached among 147 countries?December
Can you name either of the two Republican candidates who ended their U.S. presidential races?December

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