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Can you name the answers to each of these clues related to people and events from 2014?

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What country became the 18th to adopt the Euro as its currency?January
What American folk singer and civil rights activist died in Manhattan?January
What virus caused in epidemic that began in February and killed more than ten thousand people?February
The twenty-second Winter Olympic Games were held in which city?February
What airline's Flight 370 was lost and has not been found?March
Russia formally annexed what previously Ukrainian peninsula?March
What Islamist extremist group kidnapped more than 200 girls and women in Nigeria?April
The owner of which NBA team was banned for life after tapes of him making racist comments were released?April
Which political party won a majority of seats in India's parliamentary election?May
What acclaimed American poet died in North Carolina?May
What country hosted the 2014 World Cup?June
What terrorist organization declared itself a caliphate?June
What country launched an invasion of Palestine and killed 2,100 Palestinians?July
The Central Intelligence Agency admitted to spying on what group?July
What American actor and comedian took his own life?August
Which British actor and director died at the age of 90?August
What rebel group took control of the capital of Yemen?September
Which country saw its first case of Ebola?September
Who won a third term as president of Bolivia?October
Security agents of which corporation were convicted of murdering unarmed Iraqi civilians?October
What team won its third World Series in five years?October
The European Space Agency landed a spacecraft on what for the first time in history?November
Which political party took back the United States Senate after the midterm elections?November
Major protests end in what Asian city?December
With what country did the United States restore diplomatic relations?December

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