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Can you name the random trivia questions from 'Entourage'?

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Drama's French romantic interest
Ari's college roommate
The 'manager' of Saigon (who dangled Drama off the balcony) played Wee Bey on what other HBO show?
Who offered to buy Medellin 'for a dollar' after it was screened at Cannes?
Shauna's assistant
Nick Rubenstein was played by this actor
The original name of 'Smoke Jumpers'
Celebrity cameo who got the pair of 'Limited Edition Fukijamas' before Turtle and Vince
Ari lied to Tom, saying that Lloyd was with him at what movie premiere?
Famous rapper that was meeting with Ari when Davies sent over two male strippers
Drama ends up giving 'Kings Ransom' to who?
Director of Aquaman 2
Website that made Ari's frat brother Scott rich
Drama and Turtle win what legendary MLB hall of famer's jersey at an auction?
Vince played this character in Scorsese's 'Gatsby'
The name of Drama's character on Five Towns
Vince's first job with Ari as his agent was a cameo on this TV show

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