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Can you name the DNA and RNA?

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one ring of carbon (thymine, cytosine)
enzymes making new DNA during replication
three mRNA nucleotides
tRNA with three nucleotides to read codons
correlation between nucleotide sequence and amino-acid sequence
sugar for RNA
sugar for DNA
copying of DNA to make new DNA
do not allow ribosome to continue translating mRNA
change in nucleotide sequence
Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine
mRNA being read by rRNA and tRNA to produce amino-acids
enzyme that dissolves hydrogen bonds
read mRNA to create amino-acids
transcripts DNA, goes from nucleus to cytoplasm
DNA is copied to RNA
marks beginning of DNA chain to be transcribed
(methionine) engages ribosome to start translating mRNA
polypeptides forming proteins

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